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Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is now closed.

Present at CBIE2023

We invite you to be a part of our CBIE2023 program!

This year’s conference theme is Our Shared Journey.

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the IE community plays a pivotal role in bridging divides and elevating unheard voices to advance global engagement that empowers all stakeholders. What does this mean in practical terms for IE practitioners and leaders? How do we respond to the challenges we face along our shared journey and collaborate in ways that ensure holistic, responsible and ethical approaches to our work?

Join us at CBIE2023 to explore how we can co-create a path for international education where together, we can drive progress toward a more just, sustainable, and resilient future for all.

Session Tracks

CBIE invites proposals that will contribute to a thought-provoking dialogue about our shared journey as international education practitioners and leaders within a number of areas of practice.

Session Tracks

  • Education & Career Pathways
  • International Relations & Partnerships
  • Internationalization at Home
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership, Governance & Strategy
  • Learning Abroad
  • Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions
  • Student Support & Success
  • Sustainability & the SDGs

Session Formats

This year presenters can deliver a learning session which follows the traditional format of a presentation followed by Q&A, or a campfire session, which begins with a short presentation on a topic and then invites comments, insights and questions from the audience, encouraging engagement.

Learning Sessions | 60 minutes

  • Learning sessions focus on knowledge-sharing by leaders and practitioners.
  • Learning sessions are 60-minute presentations and should ensure at least 15 minutes of attendee engagement.
  • Learning sessions must have a minimum of two (2) and up to four (4) presenters.

Campfire Sessions | 60 minutes

  • Campfire sessions are interactive and focus on peer-to-peer exchange.
  • Campfire sessions are 60 minutes and should ensure at least 45 minutes of attendee engagement.
  • Campfire sessions must have no more than two (2) facilitators.

Information Required for Your Proposal Submission

Review the guidelines to help you submit your best proposal.

Presenter and Submission Guidelines

  • Presenters are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and professionals from outside their institutions on session proposals.
  • Where possible, presenters are encouraged to offer tools, resources or frameworks that can be shared with attendees.
  • Sessions may include virtual presenters so long as there is at least one presenter in-person at the conference.
  • Zoom is recommended for any virtual presenters. Please consider a backup plan in case of technical issues during your presentation.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by an external selection committee using the guidelines in the proposal submission below.
  • You must identify one presenter as a primary contact who will correspond with CBIE and liaise with their co-presenters.
  • CBIE will provide all laptops, projectors, screens, and Wi-Fi. Personal laptops cannot be used during the presentation.
  • A presenter from each session must check into the speaker-ready room prior to their presentation so that a technician may upload the slides.
  • Sessions that pertain to marketing products or services will not be accepted.
  • You may submit your submission and return to it to make edits up until the submission deadline.
  • Email submissions will not be accepted. Incomplete submissions or submissions with missing information will be disqualified and deleted.

Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Grid outlines the areas against which your proposal will be marked. Please be detailed and thorough in your descriptions.

The content is relevant to the field, informative and useful to international education professionals and/or stakeholders. Up to 15 points
The proposal is thoughtful, well structured, and interesting to the field of international education. The proposal is not focused on marketing or sales of services. Up to 15 points
The session agenda is well organized. The proposal implies an interactive presentation delivery. Up to 10 points
The proposal is articulated professionally and clearly and implies a quality presentation. Up to 15 points
The learning outcomes are meaningful, clearly identified, and imply professional development for delegates. Up to 15 points
The presenters’ qualifications and experience demonstrate knowledge and expertise on the subject matter. Up to 15 points
The session content is innovative and brings new ideas and insights to the sector. Up to 10 points
The title and abstract accurately reflects the proposal content. Up to 5 points
Bonus points: The session focuses on inclusive internationalization and collaboration across sectors. Up to 10 points

Maximum Potential of 110 Points

Information Required for Proposal Submission

Session Title
Enter a concise and descriptive title, as it should appear in the event program. If you are submitting a bilingual session, please include the title in both languages. (max 150 characters)

Session Description
Enter a summary of your session, as it should appear in the event program. If your session is bilingual, please add in both languages. (max 500 characters)

Learning Objectives
Enter up to three (3) learning objectives for your session. Learning objectives refer to observable and measurable knowledge or skills that attendees will gain.

Select Relevant Tracks
Select up to two (2) tracks that most closely match your session’s theme.

Education & Career Pathways | International Relations & Partnerships | Internationalization at Home | Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion | Leadership, Governance & Strategy | Learning Abroad | Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions | Student Support & Success | Sustainability & the SDGs

Select Relevant Format
Select the format which would be most suitable for the delivery of your session. Learning sessions are mostly presentations followed by Q&A. Campfire sessions begin with a short presentation followed by mostly discussion.

Learning Session | Campfire Session

Select Relevant Audience
Select the audience experience level which most accurately reflects who would value your session.

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Name | Job title | Organization | Email address | Telephone number | City | Country

Language of Presentation
English | French | Bilingual  

Session Relevance
Summarize how the session content is relevant to the field and informative, and valuable to international education professionals and/or stakeholders. (max 3000 characters)

Session Agenda
Provide a session agenda and summarize how the session delivery will engage the audience. (max 3000 characters)

Presenters’ Qualifications
Briefly describe how the presenters’ qualifications and experience demonstrate knowledge and expertise on the subject matter. (max 3000 characters)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours
Would you like your session to be considered for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours to be approved by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)? If approved, CBIE will follow up to coordinate the CPD hours.

Terms of Acknowledgment

I agree to allow CBIE to make my presentation available to conference delegates post-conference.

CBIE may use my name, photograph and biographical information for publicity, promotion, and advertising in connection with my presentation at CBIE2023.

Registration and Fees

  • Presenters must register for the conference and pay the applicable conference fee to secure a session slot.
  • Accepted presenters will be entitled to a $75 discount on any of the selected conference passes purchased. A discount code will be provided.
  • Presenters must register through the registration site to attend the conference. Submitting a proposal does not automatically register you as a presenter for the conference.
  • Presenters must be registered by August 1, 2023. Presenters who are not registered by this date, will be removed from the final program at the committee’s discretion.

Notifications and Acceptance

  • Presenters will be notified about the status of their proposal by June 2023.
  • Once a session is accepted, the session lead will be responsible for confirming participation for all presenters.
  • Once a session is confirmed, presenters will be sent a Speaker Portal welcome email with login instructions.
  • All communication about sessions will be sent through the Speaker Portal.

Key Dates

Call for Proposals closes (5:00 pm EDT) April 30
Decision notifications June 30
Presenters to confirm participation July 10
Last chance to edit your session November 10

For any questions, please contact